Beer Name: Accumulation

Brewery: New Belgium, Fort Collins, CO

Purchase Place: NA, tis a gift.

Style: IPA

Ale or Lager: Ale


IBU: 55

Color:   Gold, straw yellow

BJCP Ref: 21A American IPA

Head Retention: Decent

Aroma: Hoppy, lemon, grassy

Strongest Flavor: Hops/citrus

Finish: Creamy, with a hint of lemon, and strong hop presence.

Temperature: 37*

Likes: Color

Dislikes: Aroma, flavor, lack of head power

Environment: This clearly screams PNW type of beer. I think it would be best enjoyed on a hot day, (help counteract the intense hop flavor of the beer), with some Dungies, and a bonfire.

Recommend: Yes.  While IPA’s are not my style of beer to drink, I do understand that here in the PNW they are the #1 selling style of beer.  The IPA landscape is littered with IPA’s, and to be honest none of them really stand out to me.  This IPA is right in the mix with the others.  Nothing really stands up and yells, “Buy me”.  With, a person won’t be disappointed when purchasing this ale, they just won’t remember what they bought.

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