Ancestry Porter

Beer Name: Porter

Brewery: Ancestry, Tualatin, Oregon

Purchase Place: Market Fresh, St. Helens   

Style: American Porter

Ale or Lager: Ale


IBU: 37

Color:  Black

BJCP Ref: 20A

Head Retention: Not bad, poured thin, but it did stay with the ale during the review.

Aroma: Roasty, slight citrus

Strongest Flavor: Chocolate

Finish: Chocolate, and Roasty, with a hint of hop flavor.

Temperature: 37*F

Likes: Color, Head, Aroma, and flavor

Dislikes: low ABV

Environment:  The flavor and body of this ale immediately places you at the Oregon coast, enjoying the beautiful scenery, salty air, and warmth of a fire. 

Recommend: Yes.  The ale is heavy but with a low ABV a person can have multiple of these and not feel the effects.  The flavor is very balanced, and quite pleasing.  This makes it easy to pair with a beef stew, roast beef sandwich, hamburger, or a pot roast. Might even consume with a deep-dish pizza, but once done eating, I’m not sure the person is going to be moving much. 

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