Ancestry Porter

Beer Name: Porter

Brewery: Ancestry, Tualatin, Oregon

Purchase Place: Market Fresh, St. Helens   

Style: American Porter

Ale or Lager: Ale


IBU: 37

Color:  Black

BJCP Ref: 20A

Head Retention: Not bad, poured thin, but it did stay with the ale during the review.

Aroma: Roasty, slight citrus

Strongest Flavor: Chocolate

Finish: Chocolate, and Roasty, with a hint of hop flavor.

Temperature: 37*F

Likes: Color, Head, Aroma, and flavor

Dislikes: low ABV

Environment:  The flavor and body of this ale immediately places you at the Oregon coast, enjoying the beautiful scenery, salty air, and warmth of a fire. 

Recommend: Yes.  The ale is heavy but with a low ABV a person can have multiple of these and not feel the effects.  The flavor is very balanced, and quite pleasing.  This makes it easy to pair with a beef stew, roast beef sandwich, hamburger, or a pot roast. Might even consume with a deep-dish pizza, but once done eating, I’m not sure the person is going to be moving much. 

All-Star Blonde Ale

Beer Name: All-Star Blonde Ale

Brewery: Sugar Tree Brewery, St. Helens, OR

Purchase Place: NA (homebrew)

Style: American Blonde

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 15

Color:  Gold, opaque

BJCP Ref: 18A. Blonde Ale

Head Retention: Good.  Poured from the keg nicely, stayed while reviewing.

Aroma: Citrus, grassy, slight hop aroma.

Strongest Flavor: Citrus, but not from hop flavor

Finish: Strong citrus presence, slight dryness, decent grain flavor, good hop presence

Temperature: 37*

Likes: The head, flavor, aroma, and color

Dislikes: The simplistic and weak aroma.

Environment: One drink of this and you are at a BBQ, or any type of gathering, maybe a bon fine, sitting on the beach.  This beer is 12-month drinkable, it blends with all occasions, but really stounds out when the weather is a bit above 80*F.

Recommend: Yes.  Not because this ale is a recipe I designed and brewed myself.  But because it is a very flexible, and tasty ale.  The ABV is light, the IBU’s are at a good location, and the beer just refreshes you with each drink.  It is a very easy beer to drink, cook with, and pretty much anything you want from the ale.  This is the only yellow beer that is a staple here at my brewery, that right there says a lot when I am willing to sacrifice a tap for a yellow beer. The only way to get your hands on one of these is to swing by the house, belly up to the table, and start a conversation.


Beer Name: Accumulation

Brewery: New Belgium, Fort Collins, CO

Purchase Place: NA, tis a gift.

Style: IPA

Ale or Lager: Ale


IBU: 55

Color:   Gold, straw yellow

BJCP Ref: 21A American IPA

Head Retention: Decent

Aroma: Hoppy, lemon, grassy

Strongest Flavor: Hops/citrus

Finish: Creamy, with a hint of lemon, and strong hop presence.

Temperature: 37*

Likes: Color

Dislikes: Aroma, flavor, lack of head power

Environment: This clearly screams PNW type of beer. I think it would be best enjoyed on a hot day, (help counteract the intense hop flavor of the beer), with some Dungies, and a bonfire.

Recommend: Yes.  While IPA’s are not my style of beer to drink, I do understand that here in the PNW they are the #1 selling style of beer.  The IPA landscape is littered with IPA’s, and to be honest none of them really stand out to me.  This IPA is right in the mix with the others.  Nothing really stands up and yells, “Buy me”.  With, a person won’t be disappointed when purchasing this ale, they just won’t remember what they bought.

Clueless Ninja

Beer Name: Clueless Ninja Raspberry Ale

Brewery: Sugar Tree Brewery, St. Helens, Or

Purchase Place: N/A (tis a homebrew)

Style: Fruit Ale

Ale or Lager:  Ale

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 25

Color: Rose, and yellow

BJCP Ref: 29A. Fruit Beer

Head Retention: None

Aroma: Raspberry, citrus, a hint of malt

Strongest Flavor:  Raspberry and biscuit

Finish: Malty with a hint of citrus

Temperature:  35*F

Likes: Aroma, flavor, finish, and mouth feel.

Dislikes:  Lack of head.

Environment: Spring or summer. This is best when the raspberries are in full bloom, to harvest.  When brewing this I used 7 pounds of fresh raspberries (picked from the Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island), and that flavor is very prominent.  This beer is very refreshing on a hot day, goes well fresh berries, salads, or just sitting at beach doing some fishing.

Recommend: Definitely. Not just because it’s my homebrew, but because the flavor and aroma of this fruit ale are the signature aspect of the beer. The Willamette hops (which we grow here at our brewery) give this beer a nice finish and hop presence, without drowning the delicate raspberry flavor (which I find happens in the commercial fruit ales I’ve tried).

Cast-Out IPA

Beer Name: Cast Out India Pale Ale

Brewery: Crux, Bend, Oregon

Purchase Place: Red Apple Market, St. Helens, OR

Style: India Pale Ale (IPA)

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 7.6%

IBU: 60

Color: Pastel yellow, with a very slight touch of orange

BJCP Ref: 21A. American IPA

Head Retention: Not bad, very typical for this style of ale

Aroma: Strong citrus, slight flowery

Strongest Flavor: Citrus, citrus, citrus

Finish: Smooth and very bitter.  Slight crisp at the tail end. Upon swallow, the hop aroma and bitterness attack the tongue with a decent amount of respect. They don’t assault the tongue and give me lemon face.

Temperature: 37*F

Likes: The color, texture, and head retention.  The color is very inviting and the texture on the tongue is very nice.  There is some good head retention several gulps into the review.

Dislikes: The aroma, flavor, and finish.  The aroma is very citrus strong, the flavor is very strong citrus with a slight hint of grain flavor, and the finish comes back and hits you in the throat to make you drool.

Environment: Hot day I can see this being very desirable, or at a BBQ, pool party, golfing. Pretty much any summer, early fall event. 

Recommend: While I am not an IPA drinker, I do drink them for my reviews.  I would recommend this to a person who is looking for an IPA on the lighter side of the IBU spectrum.  I will warn them about the aroma and flavor is very hop present, but wanes during swallowing, while it comes back and hits the tongue one last time.

Belhaven Scottish Stout

Beer Name: Belhaven Scottish Stout

Brewery:  Belhaven Brewery, Dunbar, East LothianScotland


Purchase Place: Hop-N-Grape, Longview, WA

Style: Scottish Stout

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 4.2 %

IBU: 20

Color: Black

BJCP Ref: None. Not classified in the BJCP style guide

Head Retention: Poured perfectly, stayed thick throughout the whole pint. Made a complete mess of the inside of the glass.

Aroma:  Roasted grains

Strongest Flavor: Roasted grains

Finish: Creamy, malty, with a slight burnt flavor

Temperature: 37*

Likes: The head, color

Dislikes: The flavor, and aroma

Environment: Not sure where this beer would fit in.  It just doesn’t make me wanna be anywhere doing anything when I drink this.

Recommend: No.  The ale is lacking in so many areas that if someone was looking for a European stout with a nitrogen purge, I would say grab a Guinness.  This ale tries to be a Guinness to bad, that it fails so hard.   The flavor is too subtle for a stout, the body is too thin for a stout, and the lack of roasted malt is pathetic.   Finally, the ABV of 4.2 is absolutely horrible for a Scottish ale, and even more pathetic for a stout.   I’m not sure if Belhaven is trying to introduce a new style (Scottish Stout) to the beer market, or what, but they missed putting this on the shelves.

Back Country Scottish Ale

Beer Name: Back Country Scottish Ale

Brewery: Lewis & Clark Brewing Co, Helena, MT

Purchase Place: NA (tis a gift from Snakepit Brewery)

Style: Scottish Ale

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 25

Color: Dark Brown (it seems that all the Montana brewed Scottish Ales are always on the darker side of the spectrum)

BJCP Ref: 14B. Scottish Heavy

Head Retention: Horrible. Does not last even 5 minutes after being poured.

Aroma: Malty, no hop aroma.

Strongest Flavor: Roasted Barley

Finish: Malty, and smooth

Date Purchased: NA (tis a gift)

Date Reviewed: 2-17-17

Temperature: 37*

Pint Rating: 2 out of 5

Likes: Color, and flavor

Dislikes:  lack of head, lack of aroma, and maltiness

Environment: Eating a burger, or ribs.

Recommend: No. The reason being is that this beer is very unforgettable. That doesn’t mean tis a bad Ale, (it drinks just fine) but tis a very forgettable one.  This is brewed in Montana, and I can say that if someone was wanting a Scotch Ale in those parts of the country I would tell them to get either a Smoke Jumper or Mountain man Scottish Ale (both which I have lots of and absolutely love).  This ale misses the Scottish Heavy references by a mile. It lacks the malt focus, caramelly, and hop balance.