Happy Hollow Construction

Got a home project you need to be done? What about building that shop you need, or maybe that deck, what about the fence you’ve always wanted? Pouring a pad for a hot tub? Check with Happy Hollow Construction, LLC. The quality of work that they do is unsurpassed. I have used them for a few projects around my property and have zero complaints about the product used, the price I was quoted, and the delivery of the product. There were no hidden fees, or shock prices, everything was upfront, and if there was a change, Mike would make sure to contact my wife Tracie Stevens McDaniel and inform her of why and the benefits of making the change to our original ideas. Check out their portfolio on their Facebook page (just click their name above) you can see what I’m talking about. I’m already working on getting a couple more projects up and running for the 2021 year and I’m looking forward to using this company again. Happy Hollow Construction, LLC
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Warren Ironworks

About six months ago I wanted to start learning how to dry-cure my own pork products. Now, old-world salt curing takes a little time, and a means to keep the pork at a constant temperature. I made a few batches of Coppiette, and it was great. Made a batch of Pancetta (flat, not rolled), and it turned out excellent. Next was bacon, even better. It was time I got serious about this as I’m getting ready to cure whole ham. I needed a system that would allow me to hang the meat. I had an idea and contacted a local blacksmith by the name of Samuel Warren to get the idea built. Samuel and I talked over FB messenger, and the project took to life. A week or so later I have a beautiful five-foot, twisted bar (1/2″ stock) that can be mounted to my ceiling and able to hold the amount of weight I’m going to put on it (up to 50#). One more thing about this. I needed some “S” hooks made so I can hang the meat from the bar. Samuel made those and they work excellent. I’ve already started talking with Samuel about making me a custom Chef’s knife for my kitchen, and another five “S” hooks for my smoker (The Choo-Choo) so I can hang trussed meats and smoke them. So, if you need decorative or functional blacksmith work, I say go to Samuel. **Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted19People Reached0EngagementsBoost PostLikeCommentShare


About four-six weeks ago I found a little company here in our county that makes jewelry (not sure if they make custom one-off jewelry as I have inquired about that yet). I checked out their website, saw some pretty earrings that I thought my nieces would like (ages 18-12).
Fast forward, I ordered my wife a couple of pairs of earrings to go with her stuff and whatnot. Shinnsparkle made the earrings and shipped them to my front door. I liked the envelope they arrived in (kinda bronze-colored padded envelope). Opened the shipping envelope and there were the earrings. Each one in their individual box, with a nice ribbon on it, and a description card atop the box. I opened the boxes and the first thing I noticed was the sparkle of the 14k gold fill against the offwhite backing of the box. The earrings I purchased were from the Birthstone collection, and they pretty. The earrings are of a teardrop design, with a free-floating pendant that has the polished chip beads on it, french hook ear wire. Really easy for young people (or even those of us who have arthritic hands) to put in and take out.
I will say, that since these are hand made it does take about a week or so to get them (can’t rush hand made products), but it is definitely worth the wait. Now, are these going to pair up with a set of pearls, or a diamond necklace? I don’t know, I’m not a fashion designer, nor am I an expert on what jewelry goes with what jewelry or outfit. I do know that if you or your child is looking for beautiful jewelry that can be worn around the house, to work, to a recital, to school, out with the ladies, or whatnot.
These are the perfect earrings for such an occasion. If you have questions about the items, talk to Shinnsparkle. Speaking of that. I had questions about the earrings. So I reached out and made contact via FB messenger and email, and they were quick to answer my questions and give me input as the status of my order. I’m already looking at getting more of their items for the Christmas season as I have several nieces that would love the items Shinnsparkle has to offer.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1

Rock-It Salon- Jessica Burnside

All right fellas you might want to pay attention here. I have a serious topic that you might be interested in. Now, before I tell you about the topic, I have to give a little back story. I am the proud owner of a full-length beard (Grizzly Adams) that I have been wearing for about 11 years now, and I don’t trim it as I like it long. Before the COVID lockdown, I went and saw a specialist about the health and treatment of my beard. I scheduled a haircut and hot towel shave.
When I showed up, I informed the specialist that my hair is cut by a local barber and that I did not need a haircut. I only wanted beard advice and a hot towel shave. This specialist is located at Rock-It Salon in St. Helens. Her name is Jessica Burnside.
That lady knows men’s grooming. She gave me some pointers on how to make my beard look healthier (not so rustic per se, but definitely not hipster-looking), and made me feel pretty good about my decision to see a specialist. I got my beard trimmed a little (had some pretty good split-ends), and a hot towel shave.
Now, I’m 48, been shaving since I was 16 and this was my first hot towel shave, and I’m sad to say I waited for this long. Fellas, if you have not had one of these, you need to get one. The warm towel opens the pores of your cheeks and neck. The shaving cream is also slightly warmer than the human body and is quite relaxing when Jessica applies it. The aroma from the shaving cream opens your sinuses (I believe it has menthol in it).
The best part is when she uses the straight razor to shave you. The razor effortlessly glides across your skin removing the stubble all the while Jessica is keeping you calm with background music, and a relaxing voice. I damn near fell asleep in the chair while I getting the shave. She shaved my cheeks, neck, and nape area, trimmed up my beard, applied some conditioner to it and made it look downright awesome.
Now, I haven’t been back since the COVID lockdown, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be going back. Fellas, if you’re looking for a hot towel shave, see Jessica. Hell, if you’re looking for someone that can handle all your hair needs and you want a one-stop location, go see her.
Now, I am not trying to convince you to leave your barber or current stylist. What I am trying to tell you fellas is that if you are looking for a person that handles men’s facial hair treatment you need to go here.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1

Northwest Expressions

In a different review, I mentioned I was on my to the Scappoose Farmer’s market. Well, I finally made it there after breakfast and walked the booths. Met several vendors got some business cards, and then I noticed this one vendor. I handed Biscuit’s leash to Tracie and went over to their booth as I had to see what I was looking at.

Dave Bliss of Northwest Expressions who is a local leather smith had his creations on a table and I was drawn to the leather journals. Dave uses North American Bison and Asian Water Buffalo hides to craft his treasures. His table had wallets, journals, baby shoes ( I believe they were Mocassins), purses, and other items. I purchased a Bison skin journal that is absolutely amazing. The quality of the hide is superb, it is so supple, and the aroma of the hide is absolutely relaxing. The journal is hand-stitched, hand punched, and hand riveted. It is absolutely a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It looks like it belongs on the frontier as settlers were navigating the Oregon Trail. Another feature of the journal is that the paper insert is refillable. Simply remove the flaps from the inside of the journal and insert a new pad (very similar to how you insert a checkbook into a checkbook cover, for those of you who know what checkbooks are).
Due to my arthritis, I can no longer do my own leatherwork, but I’m glad I found a local leather smith who makes these as I’ve wanted to make to my own leather journal, but couldn’t. You are looking very happy person right here! Go visit Dave’s booth at the Scappoose Farmer’s Market, peruse what he has, quality, craftsmanship, and prices can’t be beaten.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1