Back Country Scottish Ale

Beer Name: Back Country Scottish Ale

Brewery: Lewis & Clark Brewing Co, Helena, MT

Purchase Place: NA (tis a gift from Snakepit Brewery)

Style: Scottish Ale

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 6.4%

IBU: 25

Color: Dark Brown (it seems that all the Montana brewed Scottish Ales are always on the darker side of the spectrum)

BJCP Ref: 14B. Scottish Heavy

Head Retention: Horrible. Does not last even 5 minutes after being poured.

Aroma: Malty, no hop aroma.

Strongest Flavor: Roasted Barley

Finish: Malty, and smooth

Date Purchased: NA (tis a gift)

Date Reviewed: 2-17-17

Temperature: 37*

Pint Rating: 2 out of 5

Likes: Color, and flavor

Dislikes:  lack of head, lack of aroma, and maltiness

Environment: Eating a burger, or ribs.

Recommend: No. The reason being is that this beer is very unforgettable. That doesn’t mean tis a bad Ale, (it drinks just fine) but tis a very forgettable one.  This is brewed in Montana, and I can say that if someone was wanting a Scotch Ale in those parts of the country I would tell them to get either a Smoke Jumper or Mountain man Scottish Ale (both which I have lots of and absolutely love).  This ale misses the Scottish Heavy references by a mile. It lacks the malt focus, caramelly, and hop balance.