Tactical Ammunition

A couple weeks back I visited a local business to purchase some pew cartridges. Tactical Ammunition (Heller Enterprises) located here in St. Helens provided me with the opportunity to get the necessary ammo I was looking for. This isn’t the first time I have visited and purchased from them, nor will it be the last. I have run several hundred rounds of theirs (different caliber too. Ranging from .45 ACP, 30-06, 9mm) through my firearms and have only had one misfire that was ammo based (primer didn’t ignite upon firing). I honestly have not had trouble with their ammo, a matter of fact a couple years ago I used one of their 30-06 rounds to bring down a black tail. The prices were perfect for the amount of ammo (3 boxes of 30-30) I was purchasing, which is why I’m heading back to get more in a few weeks. Now, I don’t know about you, but the aromatherapy that is released when a cartridge is fired, is something I find very relaxing, as well as the smell of Hoppe’s #9 oil. Using well-crafted ammo (we have all shot shitty ammo, and we know it) is something every firearm owner should put atop their list for their firearms. Our ammunition providers in Columbia County have dwindled away over the years, but we still have one place left in the St. Helens, Scappoose, Warren, Columbia City, and Deer Island area, and it’s nice to have a local independently owned business to patronage.

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