Scappoose Bagel

As I have stated before I have unique food allergies that prohibit me from consuming processed food. With that being said, I discovered an excellent business in Scappoose who makes fresh, real bagels with real ingredients. I’m talking about Scappoose Bagel. I can have any bagel they make and not have to worry about my food allergy. Even better, I can purchase a baker’s dozen (my favorite are the Jalapeño bagels), take them home, and enjoy them for the week. There are no preservatives so while they may not last for 4 weeks or more on the counter, the softness, flavor, and support for a local independent business is well worth the short shelf life. I’m glad we have this place in our county, without them bagels would be off my list of food items! Thank you Scappoose Bagel!

**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1