Belhaven Scottish Stout

Beer Name: Belhaven Scottish Stout

Brewery:  Belhaven Brewery, Dunbar, East LothianScotland


Purchase Place: Hop-N-Grape, Longview, WA

Style: Scottish Stout

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 4.2 %

IBU: 20

Color: Black

BJCP Ref: None. Not classified in the BJCP style guide

Head Retention: Poured perfectly, stayed thick throughout the whole pint. Made a complete mess of the inside of the glass.

Aroma:  Roasted grains

Strongest Flavor: Roasted grains

Finish: Creamy, malty, with a slight burnt flavor

Temperature: 37*

Likes: The head, color

Dislikes: The flavor, and aroma

Environment: Not sure where this beer would fit in.  It just doesn’t make me wanna be anywhere doing anything when I drink this.

Recommend: No.  The ale is lacking in so many areas that if someone was looking for a European stout with a nitrogen purge, I would say grab a Guinness.  This ale tries to be a Guinness to bad, that it fails so hard.   The flavor is too subtle for a stout, the body is too thin for a stout, and the lack of roasted malt is pathetic.   Finally, the ABV of 4.2 is absolutely horrible for a Scottish ale, and even more pathetic for a stout.   I’m not sure if Belhaven is trying to introduce a new style (Scottish Stout) to the beer market, or what, but they missed putting this on the shelves.