All-Star Blonde Ale

Beer Name: All-Star Blonde Ale

Brewery: Sugar Tree Brewery, St. Helens, OR

Purchase Place: NA (homebrew)

Style: American Blonde

Ale or Lager: Ale

ABV: 4.2%

IBU: 15

Color:  Gold, opaque

BJCP Ref: 18A. Blonde Ale

Head Retention: Good.  Poured from the keg nicely, stayed while reviewing.

Aroma: Citrus, grassy, slight hop aroma.

Strongest Flavor: Citrus, but not from hop flavor

Finish: Strong citrus presence, slight dryness, decent grain flavor, good hop presence

Temperature: 37*

Likes: The head, flavor, aroma, and color

Dislikes: The simplistic and weak aroma.

Environment: One drink of this and you are at a BBQ, or any type of gathering, maybe a bon fine, sitting on the beach.  This beer is 12-month drinkable, it blends with all occasions, but really stounds out when the weather is a bit above 80*F.

Recommend: Yes.  Not because this ale is a recipe I designed and brewed myself.  But because it is a very flexible, and tasty ale.  The ABV is light, the IBU’s are at a good location, and the beer just refreshes you with each drink.  It is a very easy beer to drink, cook with, and pretty much anything you want from the ale.  This is the only yellow beer that is a staple here at my brewery, that right there says a lot when I am willing to sacrifice a tap for a yellow beer. The only way to get your hands on one of these is to swing by the house, belly up to the table, and start a conversation.

Clueless Ninja

Beer Name: Clueless Ninja Raspberry Ale

Brewery: Sugar Tree Brewery, St. Helens, Or

Purchase Place: N/A (tis a homebrew)

Style: Fruit Ale

Ale or Lager:  Ale

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 25

Color: Rose, and yellow

BJCP Ref: 29A. Fruit Beer

Head Retention: None

Aroma: Raspberry, citrus, a hint of malt

Strongest Flavor:  Raspberry and biscuit

Finish: Malty with a hint of citrus

Temperature:  35*F

Likes: Aroma, flavor, finish, and mouth feel.

Dislikes:  Lack of head.

Environment: Spring or summer. This is best when the raspberries are in full bloom, to harvest.  When brewing this I used 7 pounds of fresh raspberries (picked from the Pumpkin Patch at Sauvie Island), and that flavor is very prominent.  This beer is very refreshing on a hot day, goes well fresh berries, salads, or just sitting at beach doing some fishing.

Recommend: Definitely. Not just because it’s my homebrew, but because the flavor and aroma of this fruit ale are the signature aspect of the beer. The Willamette hops (which we grow here at our brewery) give this beer a nice finish and hop presence, without drowning the delicate raspberry flavor (which I find happens in the commercial fruit ales I’ve tried).