E@t George’s

On my first stop of the Columbia County Gyro Hunt, I had visited a place that was not new to me. I had heard that EAT george’s had reopened at his usual location on HWY 30. So grab a cup of your morning drink as I fill you in about my first stop. I ordered the Lamb gyro (as I am not a fan of the chicken and beef in my gyro) and informed George that it was nice to have him back, doing what he does. After about ten minutes (George’s isn’t “fast chemical food”, so you might encounter a little waiting period while he makes it) of waiting for my order, it was finally ready for me to take and give a once over. Immediately I noticed the weight of the Gyro, and was thinking did I order two of them? Nope, just one.

Opening the foil wrapping I first noticed the amazing aromas escaping from its confinements. I was greeted with the aroma of freshly cooked meat, veggies, and earthy. The cucumber provided a nice sweet addition to the mixture of aromas, and things were looking good. Next, you will notice the vibrant greens, whites, browns, and reds from all the ingredients made the gyro look very appetizing, and rewarding for the choice I had made. I was pleased with the aroma, and presentation even before I had taken a bite.

Taking my first bite I noticed the immediate flavors of lamb, feta, yogurt, cucumber, onion, citrus, fruity, flour, and, nutty. Bite after bite, the different flavors blended well, and each bite was not the same as the last, which was very interesting. The gyro is no small dish when George makes it. This thing is monstrous, easily can feed two people. Something this big you would expect the flavors to compete, not blend, but each ingredient is added just to the right ratio for the weight. Not too many veggies, not too much tzatziki, nothing overpowered the dish. I was not displeased by the gyro, if anything it was nice to experience George’s cooking again.

There is something I plan on doing the next time I order a gyro from him, and that is taking a mint leaf from my garden, dicing it up, and sprinkling it over the gyro to taste the affect fresh mint has on this delicious meal. Well, I thank you for taking the time to read my first review in the Columbia County Gryo Hunt (more reviews) to come in the following weeks from other local places that make Gyros.

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Hacienda Las Juanitas

If you’re like me you are always on the quest to find the best taco. I’m not talking about Tex-Mex. I’m talking real authentic Mexican Taco. I may have found it. Last week I stopped by Hacienda Las Juanitas to grab a bite. I’ve eaten here before, but I ate crunchy tacos (again, my allergies). This time, I wanted the real McCoy, (threw my allergies to the wind which I paid for later that evening). I ordered enough tacos for my wife and I. I got some beef and some chicken tacos (plus the fajita plate for my neighbor). Now, if you know a thing or two about authentic Mexican food, the salsa is where the bragging rights are.
Got my tacos, headed home (the aroma on the drive home was pure torture as the spices filled the cab of my truck) delivered the fajitas to my neighbor (she is elderly, and doesn’t have personal transportation). First glance at the tacos and you notice the small size of them, with the minimal ingredients. Again, please understand what an authentic taco is. There was the meat (beautifully cooked), diced onion, and cilantro. All perfectly balanced, and full of aroma.
Now, I ate one of the beef tacos without lime or salsa to get a flavor of the ingredients. The taco was a bit dry (due to the corn tortilla) but still had flavor. The second taco was another beef and I added a squeeze of the fresh lime wedge that was served with my tacos. The taco flavor sprung up! The acid in the lime juice activated the seasonings on the beef and the flavor of the taco popped. I knew I went to the right place for tacos. But I still hadn’t tried a taco with salsa and lime juice. So, prepped another beef taco, squeezed the lime, and added the Avacado salsa (yes, you read that right).

Game changer. The salsa gave the taco moisture, a touch of heat, increased the flavor of the beef, a touch of richness, and blended nicely with the lime juice. The Avocado Salsa is absolutely excellent. Creamy, spicy, aesthetic pleasing, and full of flavor. So glad I had the tacos as these are absolutely delicious, freshly made, and perfect. Looking forward to going back again, but maybe I’ll stick with the crunchy tacos due to my allergies. Oh, and the chicken tacos I bought, not sure as I didn’t eat one of them while they were fresh. I do know the chicken was shredded and full of aroma. **Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1


Scappoose, you guys are hiding an amazing place to grab some grub. Located at Maloney’s Corner on West Lane Road is a little food cart tucked away just off the road. This is where you will find Hangry.
Biscuit and I pulled into the lot, parked and I ordered lunch for my wife and I. The menu is simple, yet diverse. I ordered the crispy chicken salad for myself (no dressing), and the Turkey, Swiss, bacon sandwich with grilled onions. Took about 8 minutes to get my food. Let’s wait a second before I describe the food. The location is perfect to grab a quick bite to eat as it is just off HWY 30, a smidge outside Scappoose, and a touch from the Airport. the parking lot is quite vast and has ample room for trucks (class 1-8), a drive-through (for those who called ahead, and those who want to order but don’t want to leave their rig). Just off to the side, tucked under some huge trees are a couple of picnic tables that are open to guests. I even had room and time to take Biscuit for a quick walk while I waited for my food.
Oh yeah, the food. Driving back home with lunch the aroma of the turkey sandwich was filling the cab of my truck (Besty) and making it difficult to not sneak a peek at that sandwich. When I got home, gave Tracie her sandwich, and I put some crumbled Gorgonzola on my salad and started to consume lunch.
Tell you what, the lettuce was crisp, the bacon was slightly warm, and the shredded cheese was a nice touch. The crispy chicken (chopped chicken strips) added a nice crunch to the salad. All the flavors blended well with the Gorgonzola, and for a salad, lunch was quite fulfilling. Looking back, I think I would have added some Kalamata olives to the salad for the extra “oh yeah”.
However, that sandwich aroma was still lingering in my mind. So, I reached out to Hangry via messenger and asked them about their bread. My food allergies again keep me from consuming all commercial bread except Naked bread by Franz. Well, I was able to work something out (seriously, contact them if you have food allergies. They are very accomodating). The next day, Biscuit, Betsy, and I headed back to Hangry to get one of those Turkey sandwiches. Tracie wanted another Turkey sandwich but with Tomatoes on it this time. I had the sandwiches, headed home, and anxiously unwrapped the sandwich.
Oh, the tangy aroma of the grilled onions, the pleasing aroma of warm turkey, the delicate aroma of melted swiss, and salty aroma of bacon. Oh yeah, this was going to be a delightful lunch. The first bite shut the front door. The flavors of the turkey, bacon, melted swiss, grilled onions, and grilled bread all worked well together. The bite was juicy, warm, tender, and so full of flavor. Bite after the bite the sandwich did not disappoint. The ingredients were plenty and located throughout the whole sandwich. This place is spot on when it comes to satisfying food, accommodation, and customization. Seriously, this place gets it. I am already planning another lunch (as they have more on the menu) later in the week. Tell you what, you want breakfast? Go here. They also have breakfast items that I’m sure will be quite satisfying. Really glad I found this place.
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Dang’s Little Dragon

Last week I had a craving some Thai food, but I had to peruse the menu to make sure my food did not contain allergens. I went to this food cart located behind the bowling alley here in St. Helens. Dang’s Little Dragon has a menu that piqued my interest. I spoke to the two men who were working there, informed them of my allergy to the Fabaceae family, and proceeded to order.
After looking at the menu (which is displayed right on the outside of the food cart) I decided the Spicy Basil dish was what I desired. I got that dish made with Fish Sauce as to not trigger my allergy. I also added two Veggie Salad rolls (minus the peanut sauce) to my order. Sat back enjoyed some of the people watching as my food was being prepared. Five or so minutes later I had my lunch and the aroma of the food was teasing me.
Got home, opened the container and the plume of aromas surrounded my nose. The aroma consisted of spicy, earthy, fresh, sweet. I quickly grabbed my chopsticks and dug in. The first bite was a combination of spicy, peppery, salty, sweetness that was perfectly balanced. The fresh veggies crunched, the ground chicken was tender, mushrooms were cooked just right, the Basil added a little anise flavor, the onions added nice tang and crunch, finally the peppers (red and green) finished each bite with their texture and sweet flavor. Each bite was the same, and I was enjoying every single one of them. After consuming the Spicy Basil dish, I had leftover juice in the container, so I escorted the white rice from one side of my container into the sauce for a nice soaking bath.
While the rice bathed, I decided to eat a salad roll. I put a drizzle of Coco Aminos on the roll and took a bite. The roll had crunchy carrot and celery, soft rice vermicelli noodles (I believe that is what they were), and other ingredients that I forgot to write down as I was consuming it (I was busy enjoying the food). The rolls were done nicely, and hand made, I just wish my allergy would not prevent me from having these with the peanut sauce, but life goes on.
After I consumed the salad rolls my rice was done bathing, and the extra juice had been absorbed. I devoured the freshly flavored rice, and with a burp, the meal was gone, lunch was perfect, and I had a good sweat going due to the spice in the dish. Absolutely loved the fact that this food cart is openly willing to work with those of us who have food allergies. The chef was quick, precise, and makes a delicious meal at Dang’s Little Dragon.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1