Rings From The Shed

I communicated with Rings From The Shed to get a custom ring showing my Scottish heritage. We spoke and came up with a perfect design of a Celtic knot. I ordered the ring and was kept in constant contact about the ring’s progress. This feature alone was a blessing, as I am in Oregon, and Rings from the Shed is in Massachusetts. About a month later, the ring was shipped to my door, which arrived exactly the day they said it would, and it arrived in a secure package. The ring was not damaged in any way shape or form from shipping.
I opened the package, revealed the ring, and was completely satisfied with the quality, detail, and craftsmanship of the item. Looking at the ring closer, I knew I had made the right decision to hire them to make the ring. The Celtic knot “pops” on all aspect of the ring, the silver shines, it is truly an amazing piece of art.
Now, it gets even better. The ring was not for me, it was my anniversary gift to my wife (but I had to keep in on the down-low so I ordered it as if the ring was for me). I presented the ring to my wife, and it took her breath away (as she is also of Scottish heritage). She commented on the detail, beauty, and craftsmanship that was put into the ring. The ring fits just right on her pinky (which is where I was hoping the ring would fit when I gave the artist my fake ring size).
I am very, very pleased that I chose Rings From The Shed to craft my wife’s wedding anniversary gift. After the holidays, I will be ordering a ring similar to this one, but in my true size. Thank you so much for the art piece, as it will grace my wife’s finger for years to come.

Visit them on Facebook, or their website www.shedrings.com to view the amazing artwork that this great small business creates.

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