Saint Helens Market Fresh

Well, I have to say that this week’s review is a warm welcome from a local independently owned small business. Saint Helens Market Fresh now offers online ordering and curbside pickup. Now you are probably thinking this is nothing new, which you are correct this service isn’t. But here is where that service benefits those who use it. I utilized their website (not sure if they have an app for this yet, but it’s ok to me. I like the website interface) to get my groceries. I put Dairy, meats, snacks, creamer, and other items in my virtual cart. I did not purchase produce, as I purchase my produce from local farmers, so I cannot vouch for the produce aspect of this service. Proceeded to check out, selected the time I was wanting to pick up my groceries, placed my order. Immediately after placing my order, I received an email receipt and a detailed list of what I purchased. Easy to read and understand. Here is a bonus. I registered with their website, got my virtual groceries in the cart, checked out, received a confirmation receipt, and list of items purchased, all of this within 15 minutes.

The next day I received a text from Market Fresh (about 30-45 minutes before I scheduled to pick up my order) informing me that my order was being built and that I would be notified when the order was ready. Sure enough, about 10 minutes before my scheduled pickup time I got the text informing me my order was done, and when I arrived at the designated parking spots, to call the number listed in the text. Called the number, spoke to a young lady, and within 5 minutes of that conversation here was Josh (the manager) wheeling my three bags of groceries out to my truck. Add the online time of 15 minutes and the physical time of being on their property this week’s grocery shopping time took less than 30 minutes. I will say that while this service is a spot on, and needed there are some flaws with it.

The first flaw I noticed was the difficulty in finding the correct website for their online shopping. I have reached out to Market Fresh about this, and they are working on making the website link easier to find. a second potential flaw I believe is that when this service gets better traction, the designated parking spots (currently at two) might not be enough to handle the number of orders. Finally, I am curious as to how they will handle an order that has a flaw in it. I have not experienced this with them, but time will answer that question.

 Here is where this gets even better than using the same service at a national chain in Scappoose. I save money on fuel, time, wear, and tear on my vehicle, and my dollar stays local. Every aspect the major chain in Scappoose fails at, Market Fresh succeeds. Oh, if you don’t want to wear a mask to go inside Market Fresh, don’t worry, just keep your distance when they bring out your order. Seriously nice job Market Fresh, and spot-on. Already getting my grocery list together for next week, and this service is reducing the amount of my family’s budget that goes to national chains.

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