Moondrops Bavarian Roasted Nuts

Last year I learned how to smoke my own Almonds. The ones you buy from the stores are covered in chemical dust that is meant to taste like smoke. Once you have had real smoked or roasted Almonds or Cashews, you won’t buy that crap in the stores. I was informed about a local company that roasts nuts Bavarian style.
So I reached out to Moondrops Bavarian Roasted Nuts and chatted about the ingredients, and what not used (again, food allergies). Visited their website and made a purchase (FYI, their website only accepts PayPal at this time, but I believe that they are rebuilding their site to accept debit/credit cards). Trusting what Mylissa Aberle told me about the Bavarian nut roasting techniques (I had no clue this was a thing) I purchased a small bag of each Cinnamon Cashews (Cinnamon, Sugar, Vanilla, Cashews), Cajun Almonds (Cajun Seasoning, Sugar, Vanilla, Almonds), Lemon Ginger Almonds (Lemon Extract, Ginger, Sugar, Vanilla, Almonds), and Cinnamon Almonds (Cinnamon, Sugar Vanilla, Almonds).
Anxiously I tried the Lemon Ginger Almonds. Poured a handful out of the bag and first look at the nuts you’ll notice the beige coating of ingredients on the nuts. Pop one in your mouth, and whamo! The flavors of lemon greet you followed by sugar and Ginger, with the snap and crunch of fresh Almonds. To be honest to me, they taste like Trix kids cereal, which isn’t a bad thing. The next bag to open was the Cinnamon Cashews. Poured out a handful of these and noticed the Cashews and pieces of Cashews are slightly light brown to dark brown in color (due to the amount of coating on the nut). Pop one in your mouth and the Cinnamon flavor is present, but not overwhelming (which is what I like). It blends well with the mild flavor of a Cashew, and the soft texture of a Cashew. The overall flavor is mild but refreshing. I can easily see myself putting these atop a dish of homemade ice cream. Onto the next nut, the Cinnamon Almonds. These look similar to the Cinnamon Cashews, but that’s where the buck stops. The Cinnamon flavor is slight, not overpowering, the nut is crunchy and fresh. I could eat these all day and be happy with each bite. The only thing I would change about these is a dash more Cinnamon as the Almond texture and flavor can handle that slight increase (but that’s just my take. The nuts are fine the way they are). The final bag to taste is my favorite. The Cajun Almonds. Pouring some of these out of the bag and you immediately smell the Cajun aromas. You see the spices on the nuts which are coated nicely with it. The spicy Cajun seasoning is just right, it adds a little heat to the palate, but not so much that you can’t taste the nut, the sugar, and peppers. Now, the hottest I like my food to go is around Jalapeno heat, some of you may think they are not hot enough. If that’s the case, talk it over with Mylissa. I can easily see myself adding these to several food dishes (Shrimp, grilled veggies, salads).
This business is located in Columbia City and can be found at the Portland Market. I am very glad I found them as their product is quite tasty and real! Moondrops Bavarian Roasted Nuts
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1