Foggy Forst Farm

A couple of weeks ago I made contact with a local farm to purchase some items I needed. I visited Foggy Forest Farm, owned and operated by Kenny Tarpley and Jill Tarpley located just up Scappoose Vernonia HWY. I pulled into the driveway located atop a hill and was promptly met by a beautiful black and white dog with amazing eyes (I didn’t catch the dog’s name).

A quick look around the farm and you can see their animals are treated humanely, raised naturally, and able to do animal things all day, every day. I was there to look at the young turkeys and to put my deposit down for a bird for this Thanksgiving, and to talk about hog shares for 2021. We walked the farm looking at the animals, you will notice free-range chickens all about. The turkeys were just chilling on some fresh grass in the shade, preening, and doing turkey stuff. I inquired about the pigs and was informed that they were giving the hog land (basically fenced off forest) a rest so they could rebuild some things, and let the land recover from the 2019 hogs. I informed Kevin that I wanted to reserve a full share for 2021, based on what I saw, and their approach to the land and animal.
I also inquired about the meat rabbits that their farm sells (and I bought a share of a rabbit. Going to low-n-slow it in my smoker), petted the buck they use for breeding, a big gray fluffy thing it was.
Finally, got a dozen farm-fresh European style eggs (don’t know what that is, look it up. The American egg system is broken, and not healthy for you, the animal, or the environment).
The next morning I cooked up some home-cured bacon, the eggs, and some toast. The egg yolks were so fresh they were vibrant orange, the whites were clear and natural, you can tell the chickens are healthy, and supplement their diet with the things chickens eat (bugs, grubs, worms, grass, pretty much anything).
So, if you’re looking to put a real turkey (not the birds that are sold in stores, raised in mass-produced pens, standing in their own feces, fed a shitty diet, not able to do turkey things) on your table this year now is the time to get in touch with Foggy Forest Farm to put your deposit down on a turkey as their supplies are limited. Kevin or Jill will probably give you a tour of the farm, chat food with ya, and sustainable farming. Foggy Forest Farm
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1