Hallows Woodfired Pizza

A few days ago I finally had the chance to make it to a new local business. Hallows Woodfired Pizza had opened recently and they sell one thing, pizza. Their pies are 12″, and freshly made. Finally getting to them I ordered my usual, cheese with extra cheese. I always order this pizza when reviewing a pizza place because if a pizza place can’t make a simple cheese pizza, maybe they shouldn’t be in the pizza business.
Well, Jamie has a pretty damn good pizza. His menu is simple, fresh, and real ingredients. I got my pie in about 10-12 minutes after ordering it from Erin ( I think that is how she spells her name), and the aroma instantly presented itself with freshly baked dough, melted cheese, fruity (smell fresh tomatoes, you will notice this), slightly acidic, with the perfect hint of wood smoke. Wood smoke? Yes, when a pizza chef cooks freshly made pies with wood, the dough will absorb some of the smoke molecules.
Getting home, I was very anxious, like a bairn on Christmas morning, to open the box, and view the cooked results. Lifting the lid, you see the heat vapors rise from the pie, the freshly pulled matzo has melted into a beautiful collage that covers the whole pizza. The sauce posses little chunks of fresh tomatoes (the same chunks you get when you use a fruit crusher), and is so vibrant!
Before I go further into this review, I have to step back and tell a little side story. In 2000, I went to New York to watch my beloved Yankees play in the old stadium. Before the game, I went to Giovanni’s to grab a slice of Cheese and Tomato. Before and since then that was the best slice I have ever tasted, until now.
Grabbing a slice of Hallows pie, the tip of the slice is flimsy, which means that you have to fold the slice (like a taco) to eat it. You notice the crispy texture of the underside of the crust, but with one bite I was instantly back in the Bronx, enjoying that slice of pie, and enjoying life in my mid 20’s. With that bite, I noticed that the flavors and textures were top notch. The pulled matzo (not shredded, and from a bag coated with sawdust) resist just the right amount of tension, then giving in, it snaps. Freshmade and the woodfired dough is chewy, crispy, pillowy, moist, but most importantly, not soggy! I can go on and on about how amazing Hallows pizza is, but I think it is best that you venture to them and experience real pizza for yourself.

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