Plymouth Pub

When it comes to fish and chips in this area (North Oregon) we have several options. I prefer using the Oregon Rockfish when I cook fish and chips. Plymouth Pub in Olde Town St. Helens had some Halibut fish and chips on their menu, so I ventured out to give it a go. Sat down at a table to read the menu and Lacy (I never caught her last name) came over and asked if I wanted something to drink while I waited while my order was being cooked. I ordered the Crux Porter and the two-piece Halibut fish and chips.

Before I get to the food, let me inform you about the interior of the Pub. Clean, spacious, and welcoming. Absolutely spot on when making people relaxed for a meal or a pint. If I didn’t have an order to go, I could have easily kept Lacy busy bringing me pint after pint. My order arrived after about 10-15 minutes (wasn’t really keeping time, I was enjoying the ale and the environment) and smelt so damn fresh. Finished the ale, settled my tab, tipped Lacy, and out the door, I went to enjoy the food.

Got home, set up my lunch (gave Tracie Stevens McDaniel her French Dip from the Pub) to eat, and take notes. Opened the container and was immediately greeted with aesthetically pleasing aromas and presentation. The fish smelt like the fresh salty ocean, slight maltiness, and hint of oil. Navigate your eyes to the fries and you notice the generous amount you are given, the rough texture, and the slight aroma of freshly cooked potatoes. I didn’t use lemon, tartar, or any other flavor mask. Fish and chips shouldn’t need flavor maskers, the fish and potato flavors should be able to hold their own. I picked up the fish took a bite and was absolutely amazed at the firm yet flaky texture. The crispiness of the house batter that complimented the halibut, not overpower it. Remember, I bought fish, not breading/batter. The malt, salt, oil flavors all blended well with the flavor of the halibut. The fish was a flaky, firm, hint of sweetness perfection. Take a bite of the fries and you will immediately notice the crunchy outside, with a chewy inside. This was a perfect complement to the fish. I’ve had fish and chips all up and down Oregon coast, yes, even from the boat in the parking lot in Astoria, and I will tell you the fish and chips from the Pub are the best.
Since eating that meal I have found out they also offer breakfast, but I’ll have to save that for another time. Really glad I found a local place to get fish and chips of this quality.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1