Dang’s Little Dragon

Last week I had a craving some Thai food, but I had to peruse the menu to make sure my food did not contain allergens. I went to this food cart located behind the bowling alley here in St. Helens. Dang’s Little Dragon has a menu that piqued my interest. I spoke to the two men who were working there, informed them of my allergy to the Fabaceae family, and proceeded to order.
After looking at the menu (which is displayed right on the outside of the food cart) I decided the Spicy Basil dish was what I desired. I got that dish made with Fish Sauce as to not trigger my allergy. I also added two Veggie Salad rolls (minus the peanut sauce) to my order. Sat back enjoyed some of the people watching as my food was being prepared. Five or so minutes later I had my lunch and the aroma of the food was teasing me.
Got home, opened the container and the plume of aromas surrounded my nose. The aroma consisted of spicy, earthy, fresh, sweet. I quickly grabbed my chopsticks and dug in. The first bite was a combination of spicy, peppery, salty, sweetness that was perfectly balanced. The fresh veggies crunched, the ground chicken was tender, mushrooms were cooked just right, the Basil added a little anise flavor, the onions added nice tang and crunch, finally the peppers (red and green) finished each bite with their texture and sweet flavor. Each bite was the same, and I was enjoying every single one of them. After consuming the Spicy Basil dish, I had leftover juice in the container, so I escorted the white rice from one side of my container into the sauce for a nice soaking bath.
While the rice bathed, I decided to eat a salad roll. I put a drizzle of Coco Aminos on the roll and took a bite. The roll had crunchy carrot and celery, soft rice vermicelli noodles (I believe that is what they were), and other ingredients that I forgot to write down as I was consuming it (I was busy enjoying the food). The rolls were done nicely, and hand made, I just wish my allergy would not prevent me from having these with the peanut sauce, but life goes on.
After I consumed the salad rolls my rice was done bathing, and the extra juice had been absorbed. I devoured the freshly flavored rice, and with a burp, the meal was gone, lunch was perfect, and I had a good sweat going due to the spice in the dish. Absolutely loved the fact that this food cart is openly willing to work with those of us who have food allergies. The chef was quick, precise, and makes a delicious meal at Dang’s Little Dragon.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1

The Roof

During a different trip to downtown St. Helens I wanted to try a restaurant that could offer me something no one else could. The Roof provides an excellent view of Sand Island and the St. Helens Waterfront. I wanted the view, but I also wanted a pint and good food.
Now, getting to the Roof isn’t like getting to most restaurants. You enter the building, get into the elevator (stairs are a no go for me), and transport to the fourth floor. When the elevator opens, you’re greeted by the staff and are immediately immersed in the restaurant.
The aromas of the fresh foods and the environment let you know some serious grubbing is going to happen. I ordered my sandwich on a bed of lettuce (commercial bread allergy) and a pint of Cavatacia Stout. Went outside sat down and just took in the amazing view and what life had to present at that moment. About two pulls into my stout my salad arrived. Opened that up and hot damn! The ingredients were nicely presented, and so full of vinegar, smokey, sweet aromas. Now, the salad had no dressing (remember, it was a sandwich), but it didn’t need a dressing as that would have ruined the flavors. The ham was sweet with a hint of applewood smoked, and that blended perfectly with the vinegary aspect of the pepperoncini. Take that bite, and fork another as your next bite contains dill pickle and tomato, and onion. Bite after bite this was perfectly balanced and so tasty. I paired the wrong Ale with this meal (I should have paired a Pale Ale with it) as the Black Barley of the Stout overpowered the subtle blended flavors of the salad that was identifying as a sandwich.
This place is so perfect for lunch or dinner, the view is a nice touch (be forewarned, it might be windy when you go, but, Oregonian up and enjoy it), but don’t let the atmosphere take away from the quality, taste, and freshness of their food.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1