Dang’s Little Dragon

Last week I had a craving some Thai food, but I had to peruse the menu to make sure my food did not contain allergens. I went to this food cart located behind the bowling alley here in St. Helens. Dang’s Little Dragon has a menu that piqued my interest. I spoke to the two men who were working there, informed them of my allergy to the Fabaceae family, and proceeded to order.
After looking at the menu (which is displayed right on the outside of the food cart) I decided the Spicy Basil dish was what I desired. I got that dish made with Fish Sauce as to not trigger my allergy. I also added two Veggie Salad rolls (minus the peanut sauce) to my order. Sat back enjoyed some of the people watching as my food was being prepared. Five or so minutes later I had my lunch and the aroma of the food was teasing me.
Got home, opened the container and the plume of aromas surrounded my nose. The aroma consisted of spicy, earthy, fresh, sweet. I quickly grabbed my chopsticks and dug in. The first bite was a combination of spicy, peppery, salty, sweetness that was perfectly balanced. The fresh veggies crunched, the ground chicken was tender, mushrooms were cooked just right, the Basil added a little anise flavor, the onions added nice tang and crunch, finally the peppers (red and green) finished each bite with their texture and sweet flavor. Each bite was the same, and I was enjoying every single one of them. After consuming the Spicy Basil dish, I had leftover juice in the container, so I escorted the white rice from one side of my container into the sauce for a nice soaking bath.
While the rice bathed, I decided to eat a salad roll. I put a drizzle of Coco Aminos on the roll and took a bite. The roll had crunchy carrot and celery, soft rice vermicelli noodles (I believe that is what they were), and other ingredients that I forgot to write down as I was consuming it (I was busy enjoying the food). The rolls were done nicely, and hand made, I just wish my allergy would not prevent me from having these with the peanut sauce, but life goes on.
After I consumed the salad rolls my rice was done bathing, and the extra juice had been absorbed. I devoured the freshly flavored rice, and with a burp, the meal was gone, lunch was perfect, and I had a good sweat going due to the spice in the dish. Absolutely loved the fact that this food cart is openly willing to work with those of us who have food allergies. The chef was quick, precise, and makes a delicious meal at Dang’s Little Dragon.
**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1

Noi’s Thai Kitchen

After doing some research and communication I ventured out and tried a restaurant for the second time, but first time in their new location. I wanted Thai food again and I had to make sure not to instigate my food allergies, and I found a place in St. Helens that makes a dish that is 100% safe for my allergies.

Noi’s Thai Kitchen makes a dish called Chicken Larb (ground chicken in Thai Basil lime dressing, onion, carrot, cilantro, and mint, served with cucumber and lettuce). I tell you what this is some damn fine eating. I went to their location, walked in, and placed my order (minding the current COVID requirements), and was very excited to try this new dish (first time I have had Larb).

With each bite, you were given a salty, minty, earthy, sweet, tangy, with an array of vibrant greens, yellows, whites, off-white, and orange. The aroma was zesty from the onion, sweet from the cucumber and carrots, earthy from the lettuce, anise from the Thai Basil, minty, and grainy/grassy from the rice. So far, I have yet to take a bit, and I’m quite excited about my choice for lunch. I peel a piece of lettuce, tear a couple of mint leaves and place them into the lettuce, then scooped a spoonful of the Larb and placed it in the lettuce (think about making a taco at this point). Topped it off with a scoop of rice, folded the lettuce, and took my first bite. Holy cow, shut the front door. Had I not been sitting down, I would have crumpled at the knees. The textures kept my taste buds happy, my brain engaged. Crunchy from the carrots and onions, moist, fibrous from the lettuce, and each bite had an amazing snap from the fresh lettuce. First serving down, had to try another. Made it the same way as the first one, and again, the explosion of textures, but this time I was able to focus on the flavor. Tell you what, the flavor is not lacking in this dish. With each bite, you were given a salty, minty, earthy, sweet, tangy, and fresh flavor profile. Chewing the food, your taste buds experienced all the flavors, and the dish presented itself on all zones (tip, sides, mid, back) of your tongue. The dish can easily feed two people, I couldn’t stop eating it until I noticed I had consumed a dish meant for two. Had to loosen the notch on my belt if you know what I mean.

This was my first time having a Larb dish, and I could not have picked a better place for such an experience. Oh, where is Noi’s you ask? They are located in St. Helens, where Kuy’s used to be.

**Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1