The Hollow Leg

Let’s talk Tamales. I love them. Put a little sour cream, and salsa on them and down the gullet. One problem that keeps me from eating them is when they are made with Crisco instead of lard. I’m not able to eat Crisco made products.
About a month ago Jennifer Uhl posted in this group that she makes Tomales, and was selling them. I messaged her, asked about the Crisco vs lard, asked about the seasoning that is used in the red pork, basically made sure these were from scratch, and real ingredients. I bought a dozen of red pork.
Got home and immediately plated them, dressed them (again, I like mine with a dab of sour cream and salsa) and sat down. The first one I ate had no dressings as I wanted to get a flavor profile. The tamale was moist, had excellent Masa to filling ratio. The pork was seasoned just right, a touch dry (but that’s ok honestly), shredded, and spicy. Homerun. She makes every tamale from scratch, and by hand (just ask her about how bad her arms hurt after she fills all the orders).
Fast forward to last week. Jennifer again posted she was taking tamale orders, I put another order for two dozen. These I wanted raw as I wanted to try and freeze what I wasn’t going to eat that night, and steam the ones I wanted for dinner. My order was made perfectly, my steaming technique, not so much (I have to work on that). Her tamales are pure, simple, tasty, and real.
Now, you just can’t drive up to a window and get these, you have to make contact with her and place an order, so keep that in mind. Anyway, I love these delicious tamales she makes and I’m looking forward to the next time. **Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted1