Warren Ironworks

About six months ago I wanted to start learning how to dry-cure my own pork products. Now, old-world salt curing takes a little time, and a means to keep the pork at a constant temperature. I made a few batches of Coppiette, and it was great. Made a batch of Pancetta (flat, not rolled), and it turned out excellent. Next was bacon, even better. It was time I got serious about this as I’m getting ready to cure whole ham. I needed a system that would allow me to hang the meat. I had an idea and contacted a local blacksmith by the name of Samuel Warren to get the idea built. Samuel and I talked over FB messenger, and the project took to life. A week or so later I have a beautiful five-foot, twisted bar (1/2″ stock) that can be mounted to my ceiling and able to hold the amount of weight I’m going to put on it (up to 50#). One more thing about this. I needed some “S” hooks made so I can hang the meat from the bar. Samuel made those and they work excellent. I’ve already started talking with Samuel about making me a custom Chef’s knife for my kitchen, and another five “S” hooks for my smoker (The Choo-Choo) so I can hang trussed meats and smoke them. So, if you need decorative or functional blacksmith work, I say go to Samuel. **Disclaimer** I do not, have not, will not receive compensation for my reviews, good, bad, indifferent as they may be. This is a hobby of mine that like I to share with others. #thekilted19People Reached0EngagementsBoost PostLikeCommentShare